* Everybody's physical situation with regard to their balances and imbalances of fluids, organs, glands and vitamin reserves in the body is different thus there is no way to standardize how much of a particular vitamin everyone should take.  What works wonderfully for one person may do nothing for another.

* If you suppress symptoms, the body will create new and different and often worse symptoms (often known as side-effects when related to drugs). Suppressing body symptoms as with drugs always creates worse illness, period. It is far more important to be able to diagnose correct causes rather than to try and suppress symptoms. The latter will create other symptoms whereas the former can remove the problem for good without side-effects and without having to be on harmful drugs for life.

* The human body has innate abilities to heal itself and it is quite able to do so as long as you don't bypass it's autonomic nervous system, (the parasympathetic nervous system heals the body while we rest) by temporary symptom treating with the likes of drugs and medications and nutraceuticals. The more you do so, the less chance the body has of healing itself and the worse it gets over time.

* Very often a symptom in one part of the body is caused by an organ or gland malfunction in another. Thus trying to treat joint problems with substances such as Glucosamine or MSM, while they may bring temporary relief in some circumstances, will have little longterm effect if the problem is coming from a malfunctioning organ or gland, as is often the case.

* There is a huge difference between true nutrition and the up-and-coming field of "nutraceuticals" (most of the synthetic fractionated chemical isolates currently being sold as vitamins and minerals in health stores and which are now supplied by the pharmaceutical companies). True whole food vitamins don't leech the body of their missing co-factors and don't cause a vitamin imbalance leading to the return and increase of symptoms. True vitamins also don't need mega doses to create their effect. A high number of milligrams is often an indication of a synthetic source.

* Bodies do indeed need the correct foods in order to repair themselves but the chemically and genetically altered toxic and addictive processed concoctions that pass for "food" in a typical US supermarket, fast food establishments and even many restaurants, are slowly poisoning those who ingest them and creating tremendous illnesses in the US population.

* Parents usually love and want the best for their children yet everyday they are unknowingly slowly poisoning them and condemning them to future lives of pain and misery.

* While drugs can have temporary use in acute crisis control, continued use beyond that is extremely destructive. Pharmaceutical products are so powerful that they bypass the body's own ability to heal itself. They bypass the autonomic nervous system and force a change in function through a direct chemical intervention.

* People who go the medical route eventually become "medical wreckage" - they've been on so many medications and/or their bodies have been cut up or burned (radiated) so many times that their bodies are no longer capable of responding to correct and true healing treatments.

* When the human body has enough energy and can focus on what it has to do, it can repair almost any disorder. But when the human body is malnourished and doesn’t have enough energy and proper focus, we can catch a cold, get the flu, have indigestion, get constipated or even end up with a tumor or cancer. Almost everyone is needlessly draining their body’s energy supply on a daily basis and consequently the body’s ability to protect and repair itself is impaired and people age quicker,  get diseases and acquire a considerable number of physical problems.

* Concurrently with the poisoning of our food and and as part of the situation, farmland soil has been eroded and depleted of its vital nutrients with the result that an orange that contained 50% vitamin C 50 years ago now contains less than 5%. To get the amount of iron that you could get in a cup of spinach in 1945 you would now need to consume 65 cups.

* There is an unholy alliance between the Food & Drug Administration and the drug companies that results in unsafe foods and drugs being foisted on a largely unsuspecting public.

* Kids are raised on sugar and white flour and their health deteriorates rather rapidly and they become medical clients earlier and earlier.

* 15-20 years ago, the female body would start to fall apart in the 35-55 age range and women would start to not feel as good as they used to. Now we are finding more and more women in their 20's starting to feel like women used to at 35 and 40.

* People taking 3 medications statistically stand a 50% chance of ending up in a hospital for emergency treatment and people taking 5 or more medications stand a 100% chance.

* We have been and continue to be seriously misled by those in the food and drug industries who have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to make increased profits by selling more "food" and drugs and who also stand to lose billions if people were to start getting well.